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Banjo Tooie ROM: A Marvelous Sequel

After the highly-successful original Banjo-Kazooie, Rare has come up with the second installment of the series called Banjo-Tooie. The game was released in North America on November 20, 2000, and on April of the following year on Europe. It was first exclusive for the Nintendo 64 but in 2009, a re-release was made for the Xbox Live community. If you don’t have an Xbox 360 you don’t have to worry because the Banjo Tooie ROM will give you access to the game.

Banjo-Tooie has started to be developed in June 1998, which was just right after the release of the first installment. However, because of some limitations and constraints of the Nintendo 64 hardware, some of the supposed to be new features were cut from the game. Compared to the previous game, the levels here are greatly larger and also feature a multiplayer mode wherein players can battle it out on a few mini-games. Upon the game’s release, it sold as many as three million copies so you have to download the Banjo Tooie ROM for you to experience this fun-filled platform video game.

Download Banjo Tooie ROM

The Gameplay

With regards to the environment, it also features three-dimensional worlds such as the first installment. In these virtual worlds, there are items that need to be collected and among these items “Jiggies” which are golden jigsaw puzzles are required in order to complete them to unlock other stages in the game. A single board is now utilized within a temple compared to the exploring hub world to search incomplete puzzles.

Master JiggyWiggy would grant the entry to each world once the player has acquired the certain number of Jiggies that are required. The more the player advances in the game, the more Jiggies are required to unlock the next one. There is indeed a lot of challenging puzzles in the game, which is why you need to download the Banjo Tooie ROM right now.

The Musical Notes

Although the Musical Notes are not new to the series, they now serve another purpose which is learning new moves. The drill sergeant Jamjars, who is Bottles’ brother, will be the one to assume the role of Bottles from the previous game. If you have already played the previous game, you would not need to worry about the abilities that you have learned back then because this time, they are immediately made accessible from the start.

Banjo Tooie ROMNew moves can be learned such as first-person aiming, and even the ability to play as Banjo separately which has their own moves on their own. Mumbo Jumbo also appears in the game but this time as a playable character that can journey on to each world by using certain types of magical spells to help the duo to progress further.

The Direct Connections

One notable feature in Banjo-Tooie is the direct connections between its worlds. In the previous game, the duo would be transported on to each level through special doors in the lair of Gruntilda, but in this game, the levels are physically connected at multiple points to one another. These make them all effective extensions of the Isle o’ Hags hub world.

To add up to that, the Train Chuffy can be utilized to transport certain minor characters from worlds that contain stations. A bonus is that the game features a multiplayer mode wherein up to four players can each play the game’s single-player mini-games. All of which can be played in customizable competitions which is why the game is a great one to share with your friends, and this would is made possible by the Banjo Tooie ROM.Download Banjo Tooie ROM

The Reception

Selling more than three million copies of the game in an international scale, Johnny Liu of Game Revolution has considered the game to be a worthy successor of the previous one and stated that the game was less repetitive than the Donkey Kong game of the Nintendo 64. Nintendo Power has stated that Banjo-Tooie is “the perfect cross between Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64”, as they mentioned that it features less backtracking levels.

However, Mark Green of N64 Magazine saw the game to not be as fresh or as exciting compared to other Rare platform games but still commanded the game for delivering a decent complement of clever puzzles and enjoyable run-and-jump instances. The graphics of Banjo-Tooie were considered to be top of the line on the Nintendo 64 due to the rich textures that it catered.

The Xbox 360 Version

A British video game developer named 4J Studios has developed an Xbox Live Arcade version of Banjo-Tooie which was released on April of 2009. The frame rates were made a bit smoother along with High-Definition graphics display. The “Stop N’ Swop” connectivity was also made available, which allowed players to unlock the bonuses that were included in the Nintendo 64 along with the new content related to the Xbox 360 version.

By utilizing the “Stop N’ Swap” items in the Xbox Live Arcade Version of the game unlocked several additional bonuses in the so-called “L.O.G.’s Lost Challenges”, which is a downloadable content. Mixed and favorable reviews were given by critics to this Xbox 360 version of the game that featured an aggregate score of 73 out of 100 from the well known Metacritic.

Is the Banjo Tooie ROM essential?

The previous game was meant to be a single-player platform video game but with the rapid advancement of our technology, it opened up the possibility of different features to be incorporated. With the Banjo Tooie ROM, you could now play along with your friends as a multiplayer mode is included in this game now.

It would take just a short amount of time to download the Banjo Tooie ROM, and with this file, you would be able to share the game in just a few moments. The Banjo Tooie ROM removes the hassle of the conventional gaming consoles as you could play the game straight to your personal computer at home. With the Banjo Tooie ROM, you will definitely burn much of your spare time and convert it into pure awesome fun-filled puzzle solving.

Download Banjo Tooie ROM

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